About Udjenza

Who we are, what we do, and why we do it

Who we are

Udjenza is an arts production company based in Malta and founded in 2021 by creative producer and theatre director Toni Attard.

Udjenza, is an ode to the audiences we had come to miss over the course of the pandemic and the patrons who keep the arts alive. By producing a diversity of independent productions across different genres and for all kinds of audiences we come together and thrive for our audience’s enjoyment.

Udjenza creates artistic projects that spark curiosity and instill happiness amongst those who create and those who experience our work, whether it be a theatre production, musical, variety show, exhibition or hybrid performance. 

There’s a lot going on behind the scenes of this young production company, several works in progress, others in R&D and others returning for your enjoyment in the months to come. 

We’re driven by our core values, which fuel our passion to continually collaborate with local and international artists and creatives. 

Meet us where the arts meet. Let’s make memories together.

Our Values

Who we are and what we stand by.


We are curious about how we can make sense of the world around us through the arts, creating different artist projects for different audiences. 


We pride ourselves on working with a network of like-minded creatives who strive to create memorable projects that speak to our audiences on a variety of levels 


We don’t like to limit ourselves, and our projects are a testament to this. We aim to push boundaries with artists who dare to challenge themselves and their craft. 


We like happy people. The arts make the world a happier place and that artists contribute to the wellbeing of society. 

Meet The Team