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Il-Pożittivi: Dramm Komiku

5th July 2022 - 10th July 2022

OPENING DATE5th July 2022

END DATE10th July 2022

VENUEValletta Campus Theatre (VCT)




€ 20.00Standard Admission

Premju għall-Art nominated production, Il-Pożittivi Dramm Komiku makes its live debut this July! Is it possible to remain positive when you’ve just received a positive diagnosis? Just ask Susan and she’ll tell you - who is she? Well she’s a 60 year old woman who's been living with HIV for the past 28 years. She’s happy, easy going and above all, she’s positive! During a routine hospital visit, Susan makes two new friends, but who would have ever guessed what she was about to get herself into. 6 characters who are all very different from one another end up connected by the very condition they all have in common. As their stories unfold the laughs and tears just keep on coming, from a chemsex party where it all begins to the birthday party where it all comes to a screeching halt, this play is about love, relationships, friendships, anger, happiness betrayal and above all hope. Il-Pożittivi is an Udjenza production, supported by Arts Council Malta, MGRM, Brown's, PleasureMalta and Sex Clinic Malta by Willigness. DOWNLOAD YOUR PROGRAMME
Creative Team

DirectorToni Attard

WriterSimon Bartolo

Set DesignerRomualdo Moretti

Sound Designer Michael Quinton

Light DesignerChris Gatt

Set BulderClaudio Apap


SusanJosette Ciappara

KarlRay Calleja

EmilyClare Agius

AxelStephen Mintoff

DavidBenjamin Abela

MarcusChris Vincent


Valletta Campus Theatre VCT (Ex MITP), St. Christopher's Street, Valletta, Malta

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Gordon Pace



Went yesterday, must say quite excited knowing this was a play on hold for some years. And of course I love the location. My excitement was more than tripled, exceptional cast, set up brilliant. Of course most of the Actors are some of the best, but the younger ones competed very well with the wealth of experience Ray, Josette and Claire have. The topic covered is a sensitive one, best kept hidden in the drawer, or is it so…… well presented, well covered and awareness galore. Director/producer topped it completely.

Michelle Debono

Bravi tassew….. loved it!

Kurt Castillo

Wonderful, insightful and fun to watch


A great night out to the theatre!! Stunning set…awesome direction…clever humour… ensemble of ingenious Actors….were spot on especially wit their punch lines!! Well done Team!! Not to be missed!!!’

Josette Gatesy Lewis

Simply amazing!!




Daring, fun, funny, witty, fun..did I mention fun?

Gilbert Formosa

Bartolo’s play makes the important point that HIV, while certainly no laughing matter, no longer remains the horrifying bogey it was before medical knowledge and practice made important advances.

Paul Xuereb

Big well done. Script, plot, acting, stage … douze points throughout. Thank you for entertaining us.

Michelle Attard Tonna

Well done. A strong and positive message. keep up the great work … Bravi ❤️

Rachel Micallef

Amazing production!! Well done to all! Loved not only its positive vibe and humour but also the touching message that helps in breaking the stigma against HIV. Highly recommended!

Claire Vassallo

This was a great theatre night out. Educational, insightful, comical and ohhhhhh that twist at the end. I felt like I was on a roller-coaster and at the end I had to catch my breath. Well done to the very talented actors. Give us more 👏

Gretel Ohayon

The sudden ending to the play on the verge of a horrid revelation made us hold our breath!

Carmen Houlton

Il-Pożittivi kien brillanti “all over”… Ibda mill-iscript, set, reċtar – Apparti l-entertainment value, twassal messaġġ b’saħħtu ħafna.

Bernardette Ferrando

Go see it!

Michael Kaden

Great and interesting show

Andre Curmi