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Valletta Resounds – The Caravaggio Experience

1st April 2024 - 14th June 2024

OPENING DATE1st April 2024

END DATE14th June 2024

VENUEOratory of St John's Co-Cathedral




€ 25Valletta Resounds Concert

€ 45VIP Package: Concert with Tour

Following a sold out run of performances, Valletta Resounds: The Caravaggio Experience is back for a new run of shows at St John's Co-Cathedral. Held at the Oratory inside the Cathedral, Valletta Resounds elegantly strings together Caravaggio masterpieces with theatrical storytelling and timeless classical music. Critically acclaimed Maltese musicians under the musical direction of Jacob Portelli are at the helm of the site-specific performance, bringing to life the works of Baroque Masters such as Handel and Bach along with the sound of sacred Maltese music by composer Francesco Azzopardi and more. Sung to perfection by some of Malta’s most esteemed sopranos, Dorothy Bezzina, Hannah Tong and Dorothy Baldacchino, the music is beautifully brought to life on Baroque Harp, Baroque Violin, Baroque Cello and on the Psaltery. This auditory delight is woven harmoniously with tales of the Oratory narrated by the ever-charming and regal character of Fra Bartolomeo performed by Jeremy Grech. The 40-minute concert starts at 18:30 with access to the Cathedral at 18:00 and can be accessed from main door in St John Street.     Patrons may also opt to go on an exclusive guided tour right before the performance! This VIP Package offers the rare chance to explore Malta’s most visited historic church without the hustle and bustle of crowds. Discover the Cathedral's unique qualities to those who choose a visiting experience far from the daytime rhythms. The tour will be conducted in English by a professional Tourist Guide. NB Patrons may still opt to visit the Cathedral at 18:00, 30 minutes prior to the concert outside of the tour.   Live music | No Long Queues | Limited Seating | Unique lighting installation on Caravaggio masterpieces

Note: Artists will be performing on different dates & programme may be subject to slight changes.

Creative Team

Creative ProducerToni Attard

Musical Director Jacob Portelli

Production Manager Laureen Spiteri

Script Writer Jeremy Grech


ActorJeremy Grech

SopranoDorothy Bezzina

SopranoDorothy Baldacchino

Soprano Hannah Tong

Baroque Cello, Baroque Violin, Baroque Harp & PsalteryJacob Portelli


St. John's Co-Cathedral, Triq San Gwann, Valletta, Malta

Udjenza Says


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This was an informative, lively and delightful performance. The musicians brought the story to life.

A moving performance of some beautiful music.

Excellent performance by the artists

A novel approach in a magic setting made for a memorable evening.

The actor’s variation in emotion and energy of movement was excellent.

Very entertaining and evocative. Astounding art united with good music and acting is a pleasure for the senses. Great value for the price!

Really good narration in a wonderful context like St. John Cathedral. Great price and direction of the spectacle.

It was excellent! The 3 performers were very good – musician, singer, narrator. Very special event, it really showed off the oratory and the painting.

Passionate storytelling paired with great musical accompaniment at the very special place under incredible Caravaggio and Preti masterpieces! Amazing atmosphere and unforgettable experience!!!

Musically superb, a great storyline bring the oratory to life.

Deborah Gilchrist

Thoroughly enjoyed it!

Stephanie Sciberras

Passionate storytelling paired with great musical accompaniment at the very special place under incredible Caravaggio and Preti masterpieces! Amazing atmosphere and unforgettable experience!!!

It was a beautiful and captivating experience, in a unique setting against a backdrop of such masterpieces. A mesmerising performance.

Maria Pia Galea

Probably the most worthy “tourist experience” I have ever attended. The intimate setting, combined with the captivating storytelling and the stunning musical performance in front if masterpieces, create a truly seductive atmosphere.

It was so incredibly excellent! We are so glad we had the opportunity to attend. The musicians were amazing (especially the singer) and Jeremy made the story come alive. He is a gifted actor! All around, excellent and informative and unique production!

I loved it because it was something absolutely unusual. The storytelling, the music, the small number of participants and the beauty of the oratory, all together made it become a gem.

Joelle Fontaine

Excellent production, we enjoyed it immensely. Well done.


Very very well done. Piero Picone from Italy but resident in Malta

A wonderful and intimate way to experience the Caravaggio and St Paul Co-Cathedral. Inspirational. Stefano Costantini, USA

Being Maltese and watching such a superb production within the stunning walls of St John’s Co cathedral was one of the most enriching cultural experiences of my life. With an amazing storyline and musical accompaniment we were all experiencing Caravaggio’s journey in creating one of the most beautiful artistic pieces of all time. A must visit.

Amazing! It’s the most beautiful thing i have ever seen!


Loved the experience!!! Absolutely loved the excellence in skill and the weaving together of storytelling, art and music – all set in a magnificent setting. Thank you!

Wanda Mann

A Must-See in Valletta! Imagine being transported back to the 1600s, where Caravaggio’s masterful “Beheading of St. John the Baptist” painting is brought to life before your eyes. This extraordinary show is a unique opportunity to experience the painting’s brilliance as it’s never been done before. With a Knight of Malta as your guide, you’ll delve into the captivating world of Caravaggio, the Knights, and the rich history of the cathedral. Enriched by the angelic tones of a soprano and the harp’s enchanting melodies, this event is nothing short of amazing. Don’t miss this one-of-a-kind experience running until December in Malta!


A very enjoyable experience.

Alex Malta

Beautiful experience in an extraordinary setting.

Cindy Wilson, USA

A Must-See in Valletta! Travel back to the 1600s to experience Caravaggio’s iconic “Beheading of St. John the Baptist” painting as never before. This unique show, led by a Knight of Malta, brings the painting to life. It’s an amazing experience enriched by a soprano’s voice and harp music.

Alex, Greece

Fabulous, atmospheric evening, watched over by Caravaggio and helping us see him more clearly.

Simon, UK

An amazing experience.

Miriam Kerr, Malta

A privilege to hear such lovely music well performed in the beautiful venue.

Shena Young, Scotland

Very enjoyable, and a great way to visit the cathedral. I didn’t know quite what to expect so the story telling was a nice surprise in addition to the music and singing. Beautiful venue. So glad our visit coincided with a performance.

Eve, UK

Amazing. Interesting to hear the story of Caravaggio and the appreciation of his painting in such a setting with his masterpiece overshadowing the audience.

I’m Italian, living in Malta for the last 7 years. I really appreciated the chance to see the Caravaggio in a different way, with the plus of amazing storytelling and great music. I have been for 3 times to see the concert and I really enjoyed it. The first time by a chance on invitation of a friend. The second and the third I accompanied friends and family to have the amazing experience, especially the moment to enjoy the Caravaggio with no light then revealing the painting in full.

It was a truly magical experience to listen to the story of Caravaggio being told in a captivating way, right next to one of his most famous paintings. It was lovely to be part of what felt like an intimate and privileged gathering to listen to a highly skilled string player and an expressive and mesmerising singer.

Sara Davidson, U.K.

The actor was superb. We were transported back to 1500s to imagine the drama, passion and talent of Caravaggio. The music amongst the beautiful setting of the oratory was a dream. Thank you!


This was a wonderful event. The artists were outstanding as was the venue. I highly recommend this show. We did not see the time go by. To think these events actually occurred in this very venue was very moving. Highly recommend.

Linda, Canada

I expected the experience to be good, but it was better than expected.

Gaius Hiscox from UK

Esperienza straordinaria

Atzeni Riccardo

Elegant, classy, and an unusual privilege


Amazing experience.